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by Bridget Braun

Article written in 1973 When Unicure was Introduced Into the USA Professional Market


I must confess to regular readers of my column that I never believed for a moment that I would actually write this piece.  First, it is against the ethics of our industry to recommend a commercial product to readers, (smells of payola); second, I really thought I was being attacked by a maniac (a friendly maniac, but a maniac, nonetheless).   Still, I was introduced to UNICURE and I am writing the column, so let me say in all seriousness that I really think I can help my readers because I truly believe that there has never been a product marketed before claimed to do so many things and LIVED UP TO ALL IT'S CLAIMS.

It all began like this:

A dreary, rain streaked window returned my gaze on a dull Wednesday afternoon, and I was having one of my attacks of writer's cramp (no ideas).  Into my office without introduction crashed a well-groomed, handsome gentleman dressed entirely in white.   (I thought immediately of the white tornado).  The gentleman immediately introduced himself as CAPTAIN UNICURE, savior of hair and skin; he had a gigantic "U" embroidered on the chest of his white jump suit and as he whirled about I noticed the back of his cape (yes, that's right, cape, just like Captain Marvel) bore the total insignia UNICURE -- for all hair and skin problems.  Turns out CAPTAIN UNICURE'S real name is Richard Tucker and he brought this marvelous product to us from Denmark.  While I was admiring CAPTAIN UNICURE'S cape and costume he surprised me by rubbing UNICURE on my elbow and hand. -- I couldn't resist the attack, it felt beautiful.

I was just adjusting to the shock, when CAPTAIN UNICURE began expounding the merits of his miracle product UNICURETen years #1 in Denmark, and #1 after three years in Canada.  First this professional product is for the hair and skin.  Most professionals have claimed it to be 3 to 6 times better than any balsam on the market. (Fantastic if true, I thought).  Next, I was informed that UNICURE has been consistently effective at clearing up most skin problems including psoriasis, dandruff, scaly scalp, cradle cap and most skin infections.  Now I took up the challenge, I could prove CAPTAIN UNICURE was wrong? -- no one product could do so much -- after all Aunt Alice has had psoriasis for years, cousin Joe's dandruff was abhorrent and my niece Lisa, has a terrible complexion problem.  So much for skin problems, just look at all my colleagues, the other gals around the office with problems related to long hair, damaged or bleached hair, oily hair, dry hair.  Several of them could try UNICURE as a wig cleaner.

So I stared this maniac straight in the eyes and said, "O.K. CAPTAIN UNICURE, I'll prove you're wrong, no one product can be so good and do so many things."  CAPTAIN UNICURE responded boldly, "Right on!  Please try to prove me wrong, but be honest and follow these directions."  I followed the white costumed captain's advice, as I now wish my readers would, try and proved him wrong!  

I tried .... but couldn't! Now it is Your turn!! Take the UNICURE CHALLENGE



Shampoo no more than twice a week with a low pH, acid balanced shampoo, rinse well and apply 1/2  to 1 oz. of UNICURE to the hair and work through.  This infuses protein into the hair shaft and locks the cuticle leaving a thin (microscopic), flexible film on the outside of each hair strand which causes static electricity to disappear and protects the hair against dryness and spray deposits.  Good for damaged hair such as sun bleached hair, dull, lifeless hair, oily or dry hair.

UNICURE should be massaged into the scalp, left on the hair and scalp for 1 - 3 minutes, then rinse well.  For badly damaged hair, leave conditioner on, the longer the better.  If left on more than 3 minutes, rinse, reapply, leave 1 minute, rinse off.  You may leave Unicure on as long as you want, even until the next shampoo, it's pure protein, same as hair.  The hair is then left in perfect condition, at the "Isoelectric Point" 5.6 pH acid balance.

UNICURE'S perfect acid balance cleanses the scalp of all bacteria (cause of dandruff, etc.), cleans the pores, (air shaft) so oxygen may penetrate properly, nourishes the roots and regulates the sebaceous glands (oily and dry hair glands).

If washing hair daily, try using UNICURE only; remember shampoo strips dirt from your hair and has a bad habit of stripping natural oils and protein from hair and drying the skin.  It's your hair, experiment, find out what way it works best for you.  It doesn't matter how many times you wash your hair if using UNICURE only, because it is pure protein, same as hair!  CAPTAIN UNICURE sometimes washes his hair as often as 3 times a day and when he goes swimming he applies it when he comes out of the water and leaves it in the hair.  He also used shampoo as little as 6 times in the last year and that was his own shampoo, a 4.5 pH with Vitamin "E" added, also from Denmark.

Unicure leaves hair shiny, soft, manageable, bouncy; takes out tangles; hair becomes much more beautiful and easier to handle after only a couple of weeks.  People have been known to become addicted to it, it's that good.  Wow!





I was asked by CAPTAIN UNICURE to give a warning to all women.  If we really enjoy complaining about Hair & Skin problems, and love being ripped off by products that promise great results but never produce, "Please don't try UNICURE.  Because UNICURE lives up to all its claims -- HARD TO BELIEVE BUT TRUE.  Unicure will leave your hair and skin in great shape, and you won't be able to complain any more, at least about your hair or skin."  The nerve of that "Male Chauvinist Savior" CAPTAIN UNICURE trying to tell us that women like to complain.  I'll fix him some day, and do a column on male complainers. (Good idea) ... (Wonder where he gets his facts).

CAPTAIN UNICURE (chauvinist) amazed me with his brilliant deductions as he explained the simplicities of life.  First, the whole body is covered with skin. (Hmmm) Another fascinating ditty -- the skin is dotted with pores (A profound statement) which he calls "Air Shafts".  (I asked for simple terms, simple I got).  The pores must be kept clean so that oxygen may come or go and keep our body functioning properly.   If the pores become blocked a red irritation appears as a warning signal to our vision saying, "Please Correct".  (I bet my body wouldn't say please).   the main source of oxygen penetrates into the largest pore, the mouth, and, if that and the nostrils become blocked, you don't need a warning signal.  (How about a panic button!).  You know you have approximately 2 minutes to live.  That's life!   (Good title for a song).  UNICURE, which is protein, as is your body, has an acid balance of 5.6 pH.  When rubbed or massaged into the skin becoming part of the skin.  It cleanses the pores so that oxygen may penetrate and the machinery of your body may function properly.

Let's start with the SCALP:  Unicure cleanses the scalp, works good for dandruff, cradle cap, even (believe it or not) cleans up most cases of Psoriasis and most normal skin infections or irritations (before you say "it can't", try it, then see what you'll say.  Thank you, I hope).  It also nourishes the roots and regulates the sebaceous glands, your oily and dry controls.  CAPTAIN UNICURE believes that young men can avoid baldness.  Who wants to go bald and gain many new hang-ups?  He believes when the root is dead, it's dead, but when it's still alive there is hope.  A simple explanation:  if you sod a new lawn and ignore it over a period of time, it will die; if you cover it and no air can penetrate, it will die.  But, if you water it, nourish it, care for it, voila!  Grass that is green and growing healthy.  Grass and Hair have similarities, pull out a hair from your scalp and pull out a blade of grass from the earth - compare appearance ~ AMAZING!

Baldness can be caused by 3 things (1) HEREDITY  (2) CARELESSNESS  (3) ENVIRONMENTUnicure acts as a supplement, taking care of 2 out of 3 problems.

With (1) HEREDITY - something is lacking.  Don't forget about it, get a SUPPLEMENT, try UNICUREUse UNICURE daily, NO shampoo necessary, massage well, sometimes leave it in, other times rinse it out, whatever works best for you.   UNICURE cleanses the scalp of all bacteria, cleans the pores, regulates sebaceous glands and leaves roots healthy and working properly.  Sure beats people saying, "Hi ya, BALDY".  Any bald person would have used UNICURE had they known in time.  Don't be lazy or negative, think positive and keep your hair and mind healthy.

(2)  That also takes care of CARELESSNESS

(3)  ENVIRONMENT - well, we can't win them all.  The 2 out of 3 should take care of your hair.

COMPLEXION PROBLEMS:  Caused by (1) oily skin (overactive glands), (2) dirty skin, (3) upset system:

(1) Unicure cleanses oil from the skin and when penetrating helps control and regulate oil flow.

(2) Dirty Skin - Shower and use UNICURE on your face, it will strip skin of dirt.

(3) When upset system returns to normal UNICURE'S penetration keeps pores clean, system cleans up, complexion cleans up!

Most people like UNICURE for the skin over the whole body because it is not greasy, no perfume, no color, no alcohol, so there is no chance of allergies, also leaves the skin velvety, clean and soft.  Men - after shaving, good for complexion, softens moustaches and beards.  Women - Great for shaving legs and underarms.  After taking pore-blocking make up off, and using as a cleanser, then use UNICURE so oxygen may penetrate while you are sleeping.

SKIN USESDiaper rash, bed sores, itchiness (insect bites), irritations, rough elbows, irritated hands, scaly skin, tender scalps, complexions, great for nails (cuticles), burning feet (anything, try it).

CHILDREN have nice skin and hair, let's pay a little more attention to it so it will be just as nice when they become older and have those teenage problem years.  We do a lot of harping about cleaning their teeth twice a day and its importance, no one like false teeth - look at the advancement in dental care over the last 40 years.  CAPTAIN UNICURE feels that hair and skin are just as important to their future and maybe even more important to their ego.  You know if you look good, you feel good, more confident, a better chance of advancing.  For a happier, healthier future, take an interest in your children and  in yourself.  UNICURE is for the whole body.  It is beautiful for massaging, because it lathers and gives you 2 or 3 minutes of rubbing before it penetrates into the skin.  In colleges UNICURE is a love potion - no, not to be taken internally, but as a massage, a real turn on - (Really the greatest!).  In Denmark they have their Danish Douche (French for shower) that is a hot shower and a sauna, then a massage with UNICURE, and then they end up with an ice cold shower,   Healthy! Healthy! (but frightening) Brrrrrrrrrrrr.

In closing CAPTAIN UNICURE mentioned he is not a medical man, so naturally he can be corrected.  His problem is a desire to help people (young and old) overcome their problem skin and hair hang-ups.  Now I have done my part by telling you about this fantastic product.  If you want to say "Thank you" pass it on ....   Save a friend What are friends for anyway.  Remember - "DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU". (Heavy old lines - but still the truth).

Article by,   Bridget Braun, Vancouver Star, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

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