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~Private Label Program~

~~A MUST For Your Store's Success~~



Now You can have your own brand of hair or skin products!!  Low start up costs!!! (as low as $250) and your first order will pay back your investment!

Great Margins, Minimal Investment, Repeat Business.

Our Private Label Program works for many types of businesses including: Salon, Barber Shop, Scuba Shop, Drug Store, Grocery Store, Vitamin Shop, Breeder, Groomer, Pet Shop, Tanning Salon, etc.

Our Private Label program is great for fund raising too! (Churches, Clubs, Schools, Teams, Civic Organizations) Scrap the magazine & candy sales in favor of a continual revenue stream !!

When they buy... "Your Name Product" (Our Formula or a custom formula made to your specifications)... THEY WILL LOVE IT!!... PLUS... they have to come back to you for more and chances are they will recommend the product to friends.... who will have to come to your shop to get "YOUR NAME PRODUCT"!

BASICS: Most stores have to carry ~ "Name Brands" ~ to stay competitive (usually not profitable). Remember your customer can get those highly advertised products anywhere! Maybe cheaper! Introduce your customers to your ....... QUALITY ~ PRIVATE LABEL ~ PRODUCT!!! ~

PART I: ~~ "Secret to Your Success Story is to Build" ~ "CUSTOMER LOYALTY!"
The Secret Formula ~~ gives you the right to recommend ~~ Your Private Label ~~ which is ~~ Quality... Performance... Value... Guaranteed! ~~ Private Label forces your customers to say ~ Thank You ~ by coming back to your store ~~ With Friends ~~ ( new customers ~ that's what private label is all about) ~~ CUSTOMER LOYALTY!

PART II: ~~ THE PERSONAL TOUCH ALWAYS WORKS. ~ Take time to turn customers onto a product that works ~ Your All-Purpose Conditioner ~ ( "The Miracle Formula" ) ~ Everyone Who Enters Your Store is a Potential Customer. Use it to ~ Your Advantage ~~ You and Your Staff ( who, naturally, are all using the ~ "Miracle Product" and loving it for ~~ It's Multiple Uses ) ~ You can now recommend the product to your customers with ~ "Personal Stories" ~ of how you and your family use it and love it. Now ~~ You Recommend Your Private Label ~~ replacing what they were going to purchase ( i.e. Pert Plus ). Stand Tall ~ Be Proud ~ Forceful ~ Guarantee It ~ Double Their Money Back ~ if not satisfied ( I have personally been waiting 33 years for someone not to like it!) Showing ~ Personal Interest ~ makes for ~ Personal Friends ~ and ~ Loyal Customers ~ which is good for ~ Your Business ~ and will lead to ~ "Word of Mouth Advertising" ~ which is the best kind ~~ the Most Productive ~~ and its ~~ FREE!!!!

PART III: ~~ "Simple as 1-2-3 ~ Your Chosen Name ~ teamed with ~ "Our Miracle Formula" ~ DICTATES SUCCESS! ~ ADVANTAGE ~ The Product's Multiple Uses. ~~ Tell your customers ~ about the many uses ~ and different applications of your Private Label Product ~ When People Witness The Amazing Results ~ the more exciting the product is ~ The More People Will Talk about Your Product ~ Where Can I Buy It? What's It Called ( YOUR NAME )? ~~ How Much? ~~ Is That All.... WOW! (They will ask, about your products, names, contacts, websites, etc.) This is called "MARKETING" ~ through ~ "Word Of Mouth!" ~ "The Best Known Advertising!"


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