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    Needless to say a must for "NEW BORN BABIES" adding needed moisture to their skin while preventing dry, flaky, red, irritated skin. Use it on the baby’s skin to soothe discomfort and stop crying. Relieving stress from MOM!   Have your bottle of Unicure right at your change table for easy application and convenience. Apply the Unicure at every change to help cleanse, disinfect, soothe and moisturize. Non-greasy, no oils, hypoallergenic, tearless ....cleanses pores to open, breathe and release any poisons. What a beautiful gift for friends "Baby Shower".  Print out product information and attach it to the Unicure "Hair & Skin" Conditioner gift ~ PERFECT! ~ For Extreme Skin Disorders We Recommend the 12oz Classic Formula ~

1.Bathing:After bathing apply all over their body. This will keep your baby’s skin soft and beautiful. If you live in a dry climate or have hard water apply often without worry's of buildup.  Your baby will love it! Make sure your baby is Happy & Healthy!  Use Unicure. You Cannot Over Use The Conditioner ..... It's NATURAL & PURE ..... All it can do is help ~ Baby & Mother!  NO CHANCE OF SIDE EFFECTS!

2.Cradle Cap: That unsightly dry, flaky skin on the baby’s head ~~ "SOLUTION" ~~ Apply Unicure to head, lightly massage and leave on. Take a fine comb and comb away dry skin. Reapply the Unicure to moisturize and loosen dry skin. You should do this at least daily (numerous times) depending on the severity of the cradle cap. You Cannot Over Use The Conditioner.   Continue applying the Unicure even after dry, flaky skin has disappeared, this will ensure the scalp and hair are healthy and breathing properly.   Remember ~ Unicure cleanses while opening pores to relax, breathe and release poisons. Helping to Prevent future problems ..... IT WORKS! ...... NO MORE CRADLE CAP! ....

3.Diaper RashRed, irritated skin from being wet. This can be very painful for the infant (hard on your nerves) so don’t delay using the Unicure.  It has a cooling and calming effect to soothe. At the same time it disinfects and cleanses the area helping to relieve the discomfort quickly. Unicure should be used prior to using a barrier cream. The barrier cream will keep the wetness from sitting against the skin, however, it does not let the skin breathe so we recommend that it only be used at night before bed. Apply the Unicure often and don’t let your infant sit in dirty diapers for extended periods of time. By following these helpful hints you will minimize any discomfort your child may have. (less stress, more energy to concentrate on other things)A HAPPY BABY ~ A BEAUTIFUL BABY!

4. Skin Disorders:  Unicure relieves, cools and soothes irritated skin. Psoriasis, Eczema, Shingles, Burn Victims, Chronic dry skin and Acne sufferers can get relief with Unicure!  We have helped many people with these problems overcome the painful suffering over the past 33 years, don't stand for the pain and torment any longer ~ GET Unicure ~ NOW!  Don't Wait ~ NO HARMFUL SIDE EFFECTS ~ Doctors have a bad habit of recommending drugs ~ WHICH HAVE SIDE EFFECTS ~ First ~ "Think Natural" ~ If it doesn't work then go to your DoctorApply the Unicure conditioner to affected areas, all over won't hurt, re-apply often, this will cool and soothe the irritation, reduce redness and leave the  skin refreshed, soft and looking naturally beautiful.   I'm talking about experience and caring for 33 years ...... IT WORKS! ~ Remember ~ It's A Fluke! ~ But it Works..... with No Side Effects!!!!

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