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1.  Good For:  Hair, moustaches, beards, before and after shaving (razor blades last longer, dip blade in Unicure before and after shaving), always apply Unicure after shaving for  "Skin women will love to touch",

2. Athletes:    Apply Unicure before liniment to loosen muscles prior to playing sports to avoid muscle pulls and strains.  After, for those aching pains, sore, tired muscles and the many bruises of playing a ~ "Violent, Contact Sport" ~ such as Football, Hockey, (not with your lover).  After showering, ~ before you attend to all of your problems ~ First use Unicure (my favorite liniment was Absorbine JR) ~ Secret ~ Unicure's moisture absorbs into the skin, relaxing the pores to open and breathe allowing the liniment to penetrate deeper with its ~ "Heat or Cold". You will feel better and "Heal Quicker". For the bruises and muscles, massage Unicure into the area that is hurting, this will help the circulation ~ distributing the bruised blood ~ yes, it hurts ~ keep massaging with Unicure. When showering you only need "The Hair & Skin Conditioner" ~ It lubricates! ~ It disinfects! ~ It kills odors ~ Perfect for the gym, less clutter in your sports bag or locker.

Summer Time Hints:

3. While hanging out at the Pool (looking at the ladies) or the Beach (showing off for the Ladies) ~ The #1 Villain is   ~ "The Sun Burn" ~ "Have No Fear Unicure is Here!" ~ " To The Rescue".  After burning apply lots of Unicure "Hair & Skin" Conditioner.  It cools and soothes relaxing the pores to open and breathe again.  This relieves the PAIN but you get to keep the color! ~ "Lucky You" ~  We have all had ~ "A Bad Sun Burn Before" ~"PAINFULLY CRIPPLING".  What she didn't know was that you had "Unicure" the "Miracle Product" with you ~ "Saved By Unicure" ~ Burns shrink the skin, suffocating the pores (closing, strangling) ~ PAIN ~ "Can't Move" ~ PAIN ~ Unicure to the rescue, please pour it on, rub it in.  It will absorb into the skin relaxing the pores to open relieving the PAIN.   You can move again and the PAIN disappears.  But you keep the color ~ The Good News Is ~ You keep the date!  Also remember if she gets the ~ "Sun Burn" ~   Offer to help by massaging her with Unicure. You're Now Her Hero! ~ "GOOD NEWS" ~ "Now she owes you!!! (Demand Payment... Sensuous Payment)"

(A) How to wash a Sun burn:   Simple, with Unicure "Hair & Skin" Conditioner in the shower, then after drying apply Unicure Conditioner all over your body until the burn is gone, you can use it to cool and soothe sun burn or any other burns, then proceed with ~ "The Good Life!"

(B)  After sunning by the pool or beach:  Apply Unicure generously to entire body for dark, rich tan and soft, supple, velvety skin without a greasy feeling ~ Now you are nicely refreshed and ready to go!

(C)  Remember When on Holidays ~ The idea is to have fun, a "Good Time" because it's "Costing You!"   You can't have a good time locked up in your room with a Painful Sun Burn.  It hurts twice as much when you know "Every One Else" is out "Partying" without you.  So get SMART and carry Unicure with you at all times.  Unicure is moisture and will attract the sun. ~ WARNING ~ We do not recommend applying Unicure while sun bathing! Use only after coming out of the Sun.  Don't Get Caught Without It!

4.  Out Golfing or Playing Other Sports:  Get burned ~ Use Unicure.   Remember  Unicure "Hair & Skin" Conditioner is moisture and can release tight, burned skin for maximum relief.

5. Use Unicure to cleanse cuts, scratches and reduce the possibility of infection.   Why buy 5 products when you can use one that works.  Remember Big Companies are into "Marketing" ~ Selling products that don't work and HAVE SIDE EFFECTS.  They don't make money on Happy, Healthy People

6.  For you Gentlemen who are concerned with "AGING" (wrinkles, lines, tired, baggy eyes).   Unicure helps reduce the signs of aging ~ Use Unicure Conditioner ~ Do what I do ~ carry a 4oz bottle of Unicure with you at all times ~ Apply it anytime, anywhere, anyplace!~  It's refreshing, a good wake-me-up.  Your skin needs moisture and lots of it.  It is also a good conversation piece!  "Our Older Skin" needs lots of moisture to reduce wrinkles and lines (also get lots of sleep).  EXAMPLE: Cowboys ~ have wind blown, sun dried skin (like leather) which gives them deep lines from dryness.  They look much older than they need to.  This tells us how much moisture your skin needs.   When I'm home watching TV I have my 12oz bottle of Unicure by my side and continuously apply it all through the night.  It not only feels good by adding moisture to your skin but it works as a refresher/wake-me-up.  I always wonder where it all goes?  Proving our skin needs a lot of attention and moisture.  Reduce the signs of aging and look your best.  People who use Unicure have better, younger looking skin.  Fight the aging process ~ use UnicureAs previously mentioned ~ Now At 73 I still get compliments on my hair & skin.

7.  Do you have a skin problem?  You must try Unicure!   We have proved, over 33 years,  that we help skin problems by relieving the redness and irritation helping bring the skin back to its' "Natural State!"  No costly drugs needed ~ NO SIDE EFFECTS TO WORRY ABOUT! ~ After reading all of this you should know why its called ~ "Man's Best Friend." .... "A Miracle Product"

8. My skin always needs more moisture: Whenever your skin notifies you of a need, apply Unicure Conditioner.  Apply directly to face and massage in.  It disappears, is non-greasy and is really refreshing!  Or lightly massage areas that need more moisture like hands, arms and legs and especially lips.

9. Balding:  Do something about it! Use Unicure and read more on "Balding" here.... Problem ~ Solution

Married? Have Children?  If you really care about them you will use Unicure!  Keep reading to find out how this one product can change you and your family's life (pets included)! ~

REMEMBER  ~ Two shampoos per week ~ ONLY! ~ All other times use ~ JUST THE "HAIR & SKIN" CONDITIONER (unless you are looking forward to going bald!) ~ PAY ATTENTION!

Other Helpful Hints

Always have a bottle of "Unicure Conditioner" in your:

A.   Car glove compartment.  For late night driving, great refresher, wake-me-up. Avoid having accidents and stay awake especially if you drive for  a living. Use your imagination, if you fall asleep at the wheel what can happen (list the things)! The worst scenario being ~ DEATH! .... So be careful!!

B.   Sports Bag. Great for massaging, showering, treatment and grooming.  Always have an extra bottle as a gift for a needy friend.

C.   Fishing Tackle Box.  For cuts, helps disinfect, also kills odors, great for wind and sun burns.

D.   Desk Drawer.  Apply to skin when you're dry.  Apply before a meeting to refresh yourself. Take care of your skin, you'll look and feel better in the long run. Keep an extra bottle in your desk as a ~ "Gift for the Ladies" ~ (a $5.00 cost to be Mr. Popular) ~ You don't need diamonds or pearls just ~ bottles of Unicure Hair & Skin Conditioner.

E.   Back Pack.  For hiking, cuts, scratches, refresh and soothe skin, great for wind and sun burns..

F.   Night Table.  Always have it near your bed for massaging! GRRRRR, baby!

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