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Helpful Hints for the Helpless ~ By Mr. Unicure

Personal ~ No Women Allowed ~ No Peeking ! ~ Men Only!

Let's start with .... What Attracts Women? (besides money)


(1) Confidence/Personality(2).   Appearance/Fragrance(3).   Approach ~ A Good Line and (4) A nice, clean car also helps (we suggest a BMW or Mercedes)(5)  A nice apartment (penthouse preferably)

(1) Confidence ~ Look Confident (Bluff) ~ Have Fun ~  If needed have a shot or two of Confidence and Fake it ~ Wear knee supports, you'll stand taller, look stronger and they won't be able to see your knees shaking.  Show no fear, they can see it and they will test you (punish is the word).  

(1A) Personality ~ Sure helps to have a nice one.  Smile a lot. (rent a Burt Lancaster movie, like "Elmer Gantry" or "The Rainmaker" ~ What a Confident Smile He Has~

(2) Appearance ~ Go to a Clothing store that sells sharp clothes and get them to dress you up,  don't dress yourself up, get help! Look Sharp ~ You'll Feel Sharp ~ "That's Confidence" ~ (Just let them try to find fault with you! ~ Don't worry they will ~ Believe Me!)

(2A)  While you are there find a "New & Expensive" fragrance.  You wouldn't believe how Women turn onto an "Expensive Fragrance" ~ they can tell the difference, we can't.  I found one that attracted so much attention I bought the fragrance then never had enough money to market it ~ I still have it and I still hope to market it in the future.  But don't wait for my fragrance get yourself one now!

(3) Approach ~ Get the moves ~ "Super Hustlers" ~ watch their moves, admire them, don't find fault with them, watch and learn. (can find moves in movies too, keep a list of the best lines and use them). Practice your lines and approach and don't forget to walk with confidence, a STRUT (Like John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever") .... Practice .... Practice .... Practice!   It also help to be a ~ "Good Dancer" ~ like John Travolta

(4) Get a Good Introduction Line ~ Something catchy, dynamic, different, aggressive (learn from the movies).  Be creative because picking up Women is the toughest game in town especially if you are after the best looking one (because so is everyone else).  My attitude was ~ I would rather be refused by  "Beautiful" Women ~ It's the Challenge, the game,  a night out,  so have FUN and if you're put down (as we all have been) then ~ have a few more confidence builders and like any sport you have to learn to lose but never give up, get off the bench ~ Keep on trying because you never know when you're going to get lucky!   I found that luck goes in ~ "Cycles" ~ One night the "Best Looking Women"  would dance with me on another night even "Gravel Girtie" said no to me ~ then it was home to ~ "Mother" ~ for some personal confidence building.

Remember Now  ~ CONFIDENCE:

You Look Good ... You Feel Good ... You Smell Good ... WOW, You Must Be Good! ... (Who is this Man?) ~ Mr. Confidence! ~ WOW


(5)   I learned this from a "Handsome Hustler". Always go to a bar looking like you just came from somewhere important and that you can't stay because you have an engagement some place else, you're just there to relax and have a drink (loosen your tie, order a glass of wine, look unapproachable ~ the most confident ladies like the challenge).  When ready to make your move (Remember you're leaving), walk over to her and say "Excuse me, I'm just leaving but you're an exciting looking lady and I would love to get your telephone number so we could have lunch or dinner next week."  It worked 50% of the time and you're leaving anyway go to another if it doesn't work.  There's lots of Bars to practice at.

(6)  Remember I'm in the Beauty Industry and have a Great Conditioner so this is what I talk about. You can also talk about "Hair & Skin" being a Unicure user (knowing how good it is and all its uses),  by carrying a 4oz bottle into a Bar, it makes for a conversation piece.  In my prime ~ when I was chasing all of the time ~ In a dark bar I would approach the "Pretty Lady" I was interested in and say "I have to comment because you're such a beautiful lady ~ but you have troubled hair ~  I have this product that I know you've been looking for ~  I was just leaving, but I could get a bottle for you , if its as good as I say it is and you really like it then you owe me the privilege of taking you to dinner.  If she wants to hear more, look at your watch and say I can stay for one drink only.  Before leaving give her your business card and number.  If lucky she may give you hers, but don't ask for hers. (So guys make sure you have a case of Unicure in your trunk it is the best $5.00 gift you could give a lady).

(7)  One of my "Best Performances" ~ Check to see what the lovely Lady is drinking ~ chances are (a) a glass of wine or (b) a glass of champagne.   Don't offer to buy them a drink. Offer to "Share a Bottle of Champagne with them". You get a table and you have their complete attention. Believe it or not Champagne is less costly and more impressive when closing.  I used this line on a  beautiful, young lady and it worked so well she moved in and I was with her for 7 years.

(8)  I always carried a 4oz bottle of Unicure conditioner with me.   It helped create conversation and Women are interested in ~ HAIR ~ SKIN ~ MONEY ~ THEMSELVES  and WHAT YOU DO & HOW MUCH YOU MAKE!  Are you single or married?  And do you really think they are the most beautiful lady you have ever met? (pick out eyes, hair, skin, dress, clothing, recognize something ~ listen to women they are the best at noticing).  Remember ~ Focus on them ~ FOCUS

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