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Do You Have Hair Problems?

UNICURE Has The Solutions!

"Pick Your Problem"

UNICURE is GOOD for... 

Tangles... Static Electricity... Split Ends... Dry Hair... Fly-Away... Porous... Brittle...Dull... Life-Less... Damaged... Washes Away Excess Shampoo Film... Greasy... Bleached... Sun Damage...Oily...Dandruff...

THE LIST GOES ON !!....... 

Unicure was formulated in 1956 by a dedicated chemist to penetrate the hair shaft (the first on the market with this new technology) with moisture and protein while creating a microscopic film which would lock and smooth the cuticle, repair split ends, detangle and eliminate static electricity. He did this 100% approved food grade ingredients. What was not realized was that the formula also delivered the moisture, protein and oxygen to the root of the hair which cleansed the pores of dirt, oil and bacteria. It also helps control the production of sebum (oils) while enhancing the growth stages of the hair follicle for healthy hair. Unicure is over 99.5% derived from natural ingredients, has no color, no fragrance, no drying alcohol and is considered hypoallergenic and tearless. These benefits alone make it an original and in a category all its own



Always rinse hair completely then apply ample amount of the conditioner and work thoroughly through the hair and massage into the scalp. This infuses (feeds) protein into the hair shaft and locks the cuticle, preventing the loss of essential cortex components, also leaving a thin flexible film on the outside of the each hair strand, which causes ~Static Electricity ~ to disappear while strengthening and protecting the hair against dryness and spray deposits. When the hair is now rinsed, all that goes is (a) Dirt (b) Shampoo Film (c) Excess Conditioner. It should be at the "Isoelectric Point " of 5.6 pH ~ "PERFECT CONDITION"...                



"UNICURE CONDITIONER" should be left on the hair for "One to Three Minutes" then rinse well. For badly damaged hair leave the conditioner on "the longer the better". It can be left on... PERIOD! People today are showering more frequently... once, twice, or even three times a day! Using Shampoo too often strips your hair of it's natural oils, leaving it "Dry and Damaged "  What is NEEDED: is  MORE Conditioning! and LESS Shampooing! MUCH LESS!! Mr. UNICURE recommends shampooing only twice a week! (Use Conditioner ALL Other Times!)



Great stylist love to use Unicure because it leaves the hair clean and natural, without tangles, and eliminates the "snap back" effect while cutting hair. The cut is MORE "Professional" and MORE "SYMMETRICAL"(even)!



Unicure can be used before and after perms! It also helps Prevent the scalp from burning!

-Before- Conditioner puts hair into it's natural acidic state, neutralizing, locking the cuticle, and replacing the "Protein"!

-After- It helps to alleviate the damage caused by the perm, and helps to eliminate the "frizzy ends" 



Some hairdressers will add a small amount of UNICURE to the bleach to eliminate the "Burning and Itchiness " associated with bleach! After washing the bleach off, rinse well with cool water, then work "UNICURE" into your "Hair and Scalp" to help ~Stop the Burning ~ and ~Re-Vitalize~ the now life-less hair!



Used for those with damaged hair. (Causes: Over bleached, over processed perm, stripped, environmental, etc.) With most Protein Treatments beneficial ingredients are washed off, but with the "UNICURE PROTEIN TREATMENT "~ The Protein is held to each hair strand and does not inhibit penetration into the hair shaft.


-Apply 2 to 4 oz. of Unicure Conditioner to the hair and scalp.

-Wrap the head in plastic or plastic cap: sit under dryer for 15+ minutes. This allows for "better penetration".

-Then rinse, a simple process for better healthier hair!


WIG CLEANER: (Human or Synthetic Hair)

-Wet with warm water, work 1/2 to 1 oz. of UNICURE through 'hair', leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse well. Not Only is Unicure going to leave a protective film over each human/synthetic hair strand, it will also disinfect the wig as well!


Lets face it, Any young positive thinking person who is not interested in going Bald and who would rather not blame "Heredity" of "Genetics" for his future "Ego Problem"- Best PAY ATTENTION and GIVE UNICURE A TRY!!


Baldness is caused by 3 things: (1) HEREDITY (2) CARELESSNESS (3) ENVIRONMENT

UNICURE acts as a supplement helping care for ... "2 out of 3 ."

UNICURE helps to cleanse the scalp of all pore blocking bacteria, now the scalp can breathe properly. A little I used to tell while lecturing students on avoiding baldness ~ "going bald means many new 'hang-ups"~"who needs them?"~ I believe when the root is dead it's dead, but when it's still alive there is hope!

"Simple Explanation": If you sod a new lawn and ignore it over a period of time, it will die. But if you water it, nourish it, care for it, voila! Grass that is green and growing healthy. Grass and Hair have similarities; pull out a hair out of your scalp and a blade of grass from the earth and compare appearances.


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