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Acne is believed to be caused by cells from the lining of the follicle that are shed too fast and clump together. These cells plug up the follicle’s opening so sebum cannot reach the surface of the skin. The mixture of oil and cells causes bacteria that normally live on the skin, called P. acnes, to grow in the plugged follicles. These bacteria produce chemicals and enzymes that can cause inflammation. Unicure “Hair & Skin” Conditioner lubricates the follicle openings helping the sebum (oils) and follicle cells to escape helping to reduce blockages which lead to acne. Unicure also contains anti-bacterial properties and a low pH which helps to reduce bacteria formation which can lead to inflammation. Continual use of Unicure will keep skin healthy and your complexion clean.

Unicure’s unique formulation is natural, non-greasy, noncomedogenic (won’t block pores) and can be used at anytime during the day on normal, dry or greasy skin. If you currently use acne medicines apply Unicure “Hair & Skin” Conditioner prior to applying other solutions that contain benzoyl peroxide or Salicylic acid this will increase their working power.




Attention:  Girls & Boys ~~ Young Ladies & Young Men

Any one can afford ~ Mr. Unicure's Treatment ~ It's Inexpensive!

1. Drink Lots of Water ~~ 2. Get lots of sleep! ~~ 3. Use Lots of Unicure ~~ 4. Drink lots of water!

After reading for hours & hours and searching for days and weeks for information, consulting with Doctors and chemists with regards to medical, chemical, amino acids, alkaline, catalysts, carbohydrates, enzymes, hormones, natural ingredients, synthetics, protein, pH this & pH that! I can honestly say I am more confused than ever!!!

Life to me is very simple - people make it difficult.   They like problems, it's easier to sit back and say "poor me"  than get out and accomplish something worthwhile.  At this stage of my life, all I know is that I was gifted with a "Miracle Product".  Why me?   Who knows, who cares. I know Unicure "Hair & Skin" Conditioner is destined for history world wide, becoming a household word and going down in medical history as a major breakthrough.  Please don't ask me what makes it work, I have no idea; but I do know, after 33 years, it works on 9 out of 10 cases of hair or skin problems.  I know its hypoallergenic, can create no problems even if drank (of course we do not recommend this).  I don't question God, our galaxy, Universal powers or the supernatural as long as it works for the good.

FACT:  98% of the body is water

FACT: 95% of the remaining matter is protein

FACT: Unicure "Hair & Skin" Conditioner is a fluke of nature and it is a "Phenomenal Chemical Reaction"

FACT: Unicure "Hair & Skin" Conditioner is 99% protein and water, I doubt if its the protein or the water or the pH factor that makes it a "Miracle Product" ~ It's the formula and the SECRET MIXING PROCEDURE (That's what we paid for!).   It is the "Chemical Reaction".  Doctors can't figure it out, chemists don't understand it, I don't want to, I just want it to work for the betterment of mankind.  To help children with their hair and skin problems, to help teenagers through those troubled years, mothers with their new born, the elderly with their aches, pains and sores etc.  Does it matter what makes it work? 


FACT: The skin has 3 layers - Subdermis (lower), Dermis (middle), and epidermis (top).  Oil glands are located in the middle of the dermis.  Nature intended oil to keep your skin soft and lubricated.    90 - 95% of all teenagers have oily skin so if you want to control and reduce acne; care for yourself with the self-help below: ~ IT WORKS!!!!!!!!

Mr. Unicure was told by Dermatologists that "Bad Acne (poisoned skin)" occurs when the top 2 layers of the skin get blocked (poisoned) creating irritation.  The newly developed skin (Bottom layer) which is trying to move up to the surface through exfoliation is unable to breathe and release oils causing damage to the new skin which eventually surfaces as "Bad Acne" or "Damaged Skin".~  "Unicure ~ to the Rescue".   The Unicure Conditioner penetrates poisoned skin allowing it to breathe and release poisons so that the new skin beneath can come through healthy in the future.  That's why we suggest "The Pimple Treatment" to remove "Old Poisoned Skin" giving the "New Skin" a chance to grow out giving you a healthy, new complexion ~ "AGAIN" ~ It does take time and effort but well worth it.

For Example:  A young lady wanted to work for Unicure (her sister already did), however, she had extremely bad skin/complexion.  She didn't fit into the image of our "Beauty Company" made of "Beautiful Young People".  I did make her a deal .... If she would use my ~ "Pimple Treatment" ~ "FAITHFULLY" ~ I would hire her.   She agreed and I hired her.  It took "90 days" to clean up her complexion ~ "SUCCESS" ~ I met her 20 years later and she still has a beautiful complexion ~ Just one of our small miracles ~ She reminded me of my challenge and is still thankful and using .... Unicure ..... faithfully on herself and children!

Complexion problems are caused by a multitude of factors from hygiene, diet, environment, stress, internal problems and hormones to name a few. What we want to be able to accomplish is doing the best we can considering these factors. ~ Acne is due to Over activity of oil glands which get plugged.  New hormones circulating can push oil glands to overproduce and if the oil is unable to release through the pores it causes blockage and irritation"Shampoo" is a ~ "Villain" ~ its film can block pores causing problems.

(1) Oil can block pores, creating irritation in the form of pimples, avoid putting any oily or greasy substances on your face.. Unicure's lubricating, penetrating and cleansing powers help clean excess oils and dirt from the skin and pores. This helps regulate natural oil flow. (opening pores releasing poison) ~ PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE

(2) Dirt from the environment can also block pores. So when washing or showering use Unicure as a soap for your face and body.  Mr. Unicure never uses soap on his face, just ~ Unicure "Hair & Skin" Conditioner ~   It will help strip dirt from the pores, nourishing and moisturizing your skin. This will help eliminate the possibilities of ugly blackheads and white heads. It will also make your skin soft and refreshed especially if you have hard water (takes away the itchiness after a shower).

(3) Diet: Your stomach is your garbage disposal, it kicks out poison, which may exit through your pores. Pores are release valves and sometimes they get blocked so that poison can’t come out. Now you have a problem .... Unicure ... To The Rescue. The application of ~ Unicure Conditioner ~ provides four direct benefits for immediate help.

A. It relaxes the pores so that the poison can be released more easily..... Use It As .... Preventative Medicine!

B. It penetrates below the surface of the skin to deliver ~ "Moisture/Protein" ~ helping to release poisons, control oil and feed the hair roots.

C.  It disinfects the area with its anti-bacterial properties and washes away dirt and oil.

D. It cleanses so that the area will not become infected creating more problems. Make sure that you have ~ "Clean Hands and Nails (sterile)"   when you are treating pimples or infected areas. Doctor's can't tell you the truth ~ for fear of infection and legal suits. Hands sure know how to get around ~ too much sometimes, but I bet you never thought of them as ~ "Bacteria Spreaders"

E. Pimple Opening:  In general, it is better not to "pop" pimples, but most teenagers do it anyway.  Therefore, do it safely.  Never open a pimple before it has come to a head.  Wash your face and hands first with Unicure.  Use a sterile needle (sterilized by alcohol or a flame).  Nick the surface of the yellow pimple with the tip of the needle.  The pus should run out without squeezing(press down and pat with clean towel).  Wipe away the pus and wash the area with Unicure and water.  Scarring will not result from opening small pimples, but it can result from squeezing boils or other large, red, tender lumps.... "Be Careful, It's Your Appearance"

F. "Steaming" and "Unicure Conditioning" are great for blocked pores, not only will it help open the pores but it is also excellent for reducing oil flow.  Right after you wash your face is the best time for ~ "Steaming" then apply moisturizer (Unicure Conditioner).  When you're done feel how soft and velvety your skin is - now you are really to good to be true.  Please ~ Love Yourself.  You are the only person you are sure to be with the rest of your life, so take care.  The average life-span is 75 years so prepare for it and enjoy it! (It's a long time to not like yourself ~ Eliminate ~ the negative "Poor Me" attitude.

When you are young and active you may be to busy to worry about your complexion.  Be smart, remember, you won't be young forever without an effort.  Make sure you at least carry and use Unicure "Hair & Skin" Conditioner whenever you have a moment. "It's made for busy, active people!" ~ Take care, you deserve the best!

If you can't find it on the shelf talk to the "Health & Beauty Aids Manager".  Ask them to stock Unicure for you. 



"USE THE UNICURE TREATMENT!" ~~ Do you want pimples or not? Unicure Treatment is Good for Everyone! ~ Feels Good! ~ Makes You Look Good!!!!!

(1) Hot Moist, clean, white towels applied to your face (repeat) off and on for 3 to 5 minutes ................  "Feels Good!" ~ MMM ~ "Real Good!" ~~ "Wonderfully Refreshing ~ Invigorating ~ Stimulating"

(2) Apply Unicure and let it soak into your skin ~ now smile ~ reapply continuously for best results, it sinks in and is non-greasy. Now smile! Try laughing. Watch a funny movie .... It’s good for you ~~ RELAX!

(3) Now with a clean , dry, white towel, rub your face vigorously for 1 minute to stimulate and exfoliate old skin. Off with the old in with the new.

(4) Finish off by lubricating your face with Unicure.  Relax, let it dry in, then finish off with a ~ Laugh Session (comedy show ~ reduce stress) giving your facial muscles some exercise and a lift. "A Pleasant Workout" ~ for you and your face! ~ Remember ~ Happiness is .... Smiling & Laughing! ~

(5)  Simple! ~ Should feel Good! ~ Sure helps beat ~ "Fault Finders, insulters, heartaches, frustration ~ Doctor Visits, Doctor Bills, drug costs, prescriptions" ~ AND THEIR SIDE EFFECTS" ~ UNICURE HAS NO SIDE EFFECTS ~ So what's keeping you ~ get to it! ~ Quit Complaining ~ Poor Me ~ Why Me!  ~ You have the PROBLEM ~ We Have the SOLUTION! ~ If you really careORDER UNICURE ~ NOW!!!!! 1-888-UNICURE (864-2873).

You are the most important person in your life, so remember when you look good....you feel good....and if you care enough to take care, then .... YOU ARE GOOD! Nothing wrong with that feeling. You’re now dealing with the feeling of ... CONFIDENCE... HARD WORK ... SUCCESS ... WINNING ATTITUDE ... BREADS CONFIDENCE ... THAT'S LIFE!

You’ll be amazed at the results you get! A simple nightly treatment that could make your life a whole lot less stressful! What do you have to lose? ~ Except your complexion problems!  Remember ..... When watching TV drink water and apply Unicure often.  You can't do it too much.  I know I use it all the time while watching TV and at "69 years old" I still get compliments on my "Hair & Skin" ~ AMAZING!  ~ What about my beautiful personality? ~. My blue eyes? ~ My Dimples? ~ Oh well. I just better be thankful for the compliments and that it's not ~ "All Insults"


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