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1. Putting makeup on: Use Unicure as a base to increase makeup adherence to the face. It will go on more evenly, easier and will last longer while eliminating such aggravations as ~ "Sliding Makeup." It’s non-greasy and non-comedogenic (won’t block pores). There is "NO OIL" in Unicure

2. Removing Face and Eye Makeup: Apply Unicure to clean cloth or cotton balls or directly to the face and eye areas. Makeup comes off easily, removing and cleansing skin of pore blocking debris. "It’s non-irritating to your eyes" and will provide needed moisture to your skin. Did I mention ~ Eye Makeup Remover that is non-irritating to the eyes ~ DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON EXPENSIVE COSMETIC PRODUCTS!  TRY UNICURE and SAVE YOURSELF A BUNDLE.

3. Manicuring: Put a small amount of Unicure and some warm water in a soaking bowl. Now soak for a few minutes. Relax. Unicure is beautiful for your ~ "Nails and Cuticles" (Much better than soaking in Dish Detergent like the TV Commercial)

4. Shaving: Unicure is considered the best product for shaving legs and underarms (razor blades last longer, dip blade in Unicure before and after shaving). It gives excellent glide for a closer shave while providing moisture and cleansing for healthy, smooth, velvety skin. Shaving will be a more pleasant experience with Unicure. No nicks and cuts. Don’t forget to apply a small amount after shaving to help give skin a beautiful moisturized, refreshed feeling. " REMEMBER" ~ You can never use to much Unicure ~ "NEVER!" ~  Please enjoy yourself! Be reckless have fun.

5. Massaging:  Ask anyone if a good massage is still considered one of the "ULTIMATE PLEASURES"   when pampering a loved one. Naturally, Unicure's lubricating power makes it invigorating, vivacious and healthy (VERY SEXY). Fantastic for massaging fingers, hands, elbows, arms, legs, feet, toes, sore muscles. When massaging, Unicure will lather up and will slowly disappear into the skin, relaxing the pores helping the skin to breathe properly. So remember to ask for your  "UNICURE MASSAGE." ~ How about tonight?

6. Pedicure: If you're on your feet all day there's nothing better than sitting down and soaking your feet in a wonderfully, warm, moisturizing bath ~ RELAX ~ reduce your stress, massage, Unicure is a great lubricant.  Unicure can be heated up and poured into your foot bath for a most intoxicating pedicure.  Your feet will love you and you will love how your feet feel.  It will soften calluses, rough heels, dry skin, relieve itching and cool, burning sensations. AHHHHH! Doesn't that feel good.  (You know how hard we work at destroying our feet ~ so give them a ~ "Worthy Reward" ~ they deserve it)

7. Dry Skin Apply the Unicure to areas that are chronically dry like elbows, knees, legs and hands.  The best thing is its not greasy and soaks in with light massage within a minute making your skin soft and beautiful to the touch.  Do a test .... apply Unicure to one elbow only ~ feel how nice and soft it is then feel the other ~ AMAZING ~ just 1 application and it can make a difference.  Imagine what it will do for wrinkles, fine lines and the rest of your body,  you'll be 29 forever!..... Alright 28.

8. Over Treated Hair (Coloring, Perming, Bleaching, Over processed): ~ Chemical treatment of hair is very popular but also very damaging to the hair and can irritate the scalp causing severe reactions/burning.  If you do any of the above then you especially need Unicure "Hair & Skin" Conditioner. First, if you have a reaction to the chemical treatment then apply Unicure immediately to relieve the burning sensation and soothe the scalp by cooling it.  This will deliver moisture where needed while also relieving the discomfort.  Secondly, to stop breakage, frizzies, fly away, dry brittle hair that is caused by chemical treatments apply Unicure to either dry or wet hair and leave in for 5 minutes for a deep conditioning treatment.  Comb through and rinse, no need to shampoo after -  just style and dry.  This treatment can be done daily without fear of buildup or weight.  Your hair will have incredible shine and strength.  You'll finally have control over your hair ~ NO MORE BAD HAIR DAYS! ~ THANK YOU UNICURE! ~

9. Cellulite:  A Women's nemesis.   Use Unicure over thighs and buttocks to smooth and soften the skin.  Massage into affected areas, get blood circulating, have your loved one give you a Unicure massage.   Feels good, does good ~ No Side effects!

10. Swimming:  Pool chemicals can dry out your hair, change your color and tangle.  GET Unicure!   Apply Unicure "Hair & Skin" Conditioner through all your hair, make sure ends are drenched with Unicure to stop frizzies and breakage.  Rinse thoroughly, this will wash away ~ "Chlorine" ~   while conditioning hair and eliminating tangles.   Unicure will  help you retain your color, shine and strength and no more  "Chlorine Smell"    Also apply Unicure all over your body as a wash to relieve skin of ~ "Chlorine" ~ and increase moisture retention ~ No more dry skin! .... You will Feel Great .... You'll Look Great!....

11. Acne: Use Unicure directly on affected areas.  If you use an acne medicine put Unicure on first, it will help the medicine work faster and deeper. Unicure has no side effects... Use it often, it can only help.  Apply   Unicure before putting anything on your skin and it will make that product work better and faster

12. Is a tightening feeling of the skin bad?  NO! It's great, that's the unfamiliar feeling of your pores opening and closing.  Who wants sagging, loose skin?  Use your facial muscles to keep skin firm while using Unicure to keep it soft, clean, beautiful and wrinkle-free.  Everyone gets wrinkles, just make sure you get the right ones - not the worry, stress and poor me wrinkles - they're ugly! Laugh and happy wrinkles are beautiful and recognized around the world as a person we would all love to meet.  Sagging skin is a telltale sign of age whether you are 25 or 90 so hold out as long as you can - use Unicure!

13. Ears are very important ~ Ear aches are painful and need treatment immediately especially in babies.  Do not put any instrument (like a Q-tip) into a babies "Ear Hole" because it could cause damage (be gentle ~ be careful).   See your Doctor immediately as most ear aches in babies are caused by underdeveloped inner ear.  You can, however, dip a Q-tip into warm Unicure to clean the inner/outer ear for good hygiene.    In older Children you can "Warm up some Unicure Conditioner" ~ place into ear and close opening with cotton to hold it in.    This will work for most ear aches not caused by internal infection (in my experience many ear aches occurred after swimming).  If the ear ache does not get better with this treatment then the problem is internal and you should consult a Doctor.

Your Body is your Temple .... Cleanliness is next to Godliness!


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