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This section is for the professional hairdresser, we have interesting tips and uses for our Unicure Hair & Skin Conditioner that will give you better cuts and results. Your customers will be amazed at how their hair looks and feels. There is also a special offer for beauty salons for no cost product and increased profits. We hope that this section will give you better results and satisfaction knowing your customers are pleased with the work you have done. The Unicure formula is the greatest tool for the professional helping to compliment your work.  Please e-mail us if you have any questions or comments or if you have found a use for our product that we don’t know about. Mr. Unicure challenges all to find new uses for Unicure ~ we'll send you a ~ Unicure Gift ~ if we haven't heard it.

Haircutting: Great hair cutters love to use Unicure Conditioner  because it leaves the hair clean and natural, without tangles and there is no snapping back of hair when cutting. "The Professional Cut" ... is then more symmetrical (even)!

Setting Lotion:  Unicure is a penetrating conditioner rather than a coating conditioner, it will leave the hair at the isoelectric point of 5.6 pH acid balance, tangle free and shampoo film is removed leaving the hair ready for the setting lotion. It will now work to 100% of its capabilities and your sets will be lovelier and last longer. The most important fact about Unicure is its penetrating and cleansing powers for the hair and scalp. It allows pores to breathe properly for healthier hair.

Permanent Waving: Unicure before and after permanents. Wash hair. Rinse. Apply Unicure conditioner. Rinse.  This will wash away all remaining shampoo deposits (film) left on the hair and will put hair into its natural acid state, ready for perm solution.  Unicure will give you better perms because solution will penetrate the whole hair strand giving you excellent results.  Longer lasting perms!  After perming use Unicure to neutralize, lock the cuticle and replace lost protein. It takes care of the frizzy ends and also helps to eliminate chances of improper relaxation. Unicure also helps to protect the scalp from burning. Your customers hair will look and feel incredible.

Protein Treatment: Used for those with damaged hair. (Causes: Over bleached, over processed perms, stripped, environment, etc.) With most protein treatments some beneficial ingredients are washed off, but with what Professional hairdressers call the "UNICURE PROTEIN TREATMENT" ... the Unicure conditioner allows protein to hold onto the hair and does not inhibit penetration into the hair shaft.

Process:   Apply 2 to 4 ounces of Unicure to the hair and scalp. Wrap the head in plastic or plastic cap: sit under dryer for 15-plus minutes. This allows for better penetration.  Rinse. This is a process for better looking, healthier hair. Go ahead and treat your customers, they deserve it!

Bleaching: Some hairdressers will add a small amount of Unicure to the bleach to help eliminate burning and itchiness.  After washing the bleach off, rinse well with cool water, then work Unicure through the hair and scalp to help stop the burning and itchiness. Leave on 1 - 3 minutes, then rinse off.   A Customer with no irritation is a Happy Customer!

Chemicals and Straightening: Because of extreme chance of irritation, Unicure is recommended before applying to scalp and placing under the dryer so it can dry into the skin and create a protective barrier to help stop burning.

Wig Cleaner: Human or Synthetic Hair. Wet with warm water, work ½ - 1 ounce of Unicure conditioner through the hair, leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse well. Unicure leaves a microscopic barrier to protect against spray build-up and removes static electricity and tangles from the hair. The hair will have a more natural look, bounce, shine and strength.

Soft Hair: is a beauticians fallacy.  It was created because of coating conditioners and crème rinses like balsams that left the hair soft but unmanageable.  So beauticians formed the opinion that soft hair is troubled hair. Unicure leaves the hair soft and natural feeling and easy to manage!

Natural Curl:  Unicure enhances natural curl by detangling, moisturizing and protecting without weight.  Unicure can actually enhance the natural curl because it bonds with the hair strand keeping the natural curl in place instead of weighing it down and losing the curl.


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