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Fathers don't wish this problem on your SonsDon't blame Dad and give into heredity.  Any young, positive thinking person who is not interested in going bald and who would rather not blame Heredity and Poor Dad for his future ego problems then pay attention and give Unicure a fair try.

~ Young Men ~ Warning_2.gif (6610 bytes) ~ Take Note ~

"Read My Lips" ~ Shampoo 1 - 2 times per week ~ ONLY!  Let me give you a pitch on a dandruff control shampoo we found on the Internet. 

Medicated Dandruff Shampoos

Uses:  This medication is used in the treatment of dandruff conditions or certain infections of the scalp.  It relieves itching and flaking of the scalp.

Topical use only Avoid getting this near eyes.  If this does get in the eyes, rinse them thoroughly with clear water.  Do not use this medication on a cut or irritated skin.  For use in Dandruff or scalp dermatitis, wash hair first with regular shampoo.  Shake lotion well.  Massage the lotion into wet scalp and allow it to remain 2 to 3 minutes, rinse thoroughly and repeat.  Begin with 2 applications per week, then reduce to weekly or every other week to maintain control.  For skin infections, apply lotion to affected area.  Lather with a small amount of water.  Allow to remain on skin for 10 minutes.  Rinse thoroughly, repeat once a day for 7 days.

SIDE EFFECTS:  This medication may cause skin irritation, dry skin, or increase in normal hair loss.  These effects should disappear as your body adjusts to the medication.  If irritation persists or worsens discontinue use and consult your Doctor.  Rinse hair thoroughly to prevent discoloration.  Do not leave this medication on the skin or hair for long periods or overnight(LEAVE UNICURE ON FOREVER!!)

UNICURE HAS NO SIDE EFFECTS - it is natural, tearless and hypoallergenicWhich product would you rather use to get the same results? 


Interested in Going Bald?

If you are really interested in "Going Bald" then just keep doing what you have been doing!  (1) Shampooing frequently. Shampoo is basically a cleaned up version of "Detergent".   It has a job to do ~ "Strip Dirt From Your Hair" ~ PROBLEM ~ it also strips "Natural Oils" and leaves film on hair and scalp that blocks pores creating irritation and redness.  Shampoo "CANNOT" ~ "WILL NOT" ~ Condition the hair.  This is a marketing ploy of Big Business ~ They are into "Your Money" not "Your Health" ~ They pay Doctors thousands of dollars to recommend their questionable products with side effects.  Shampoo was formulated for "Hairdressers Use" to be used once a week.  This was before we had showers when we had to use a bar of soap and never washed more than once or twice a week.  (2)   Keep wearing hats to help suffocate the pores ~ remember ~ you're supposed to be concerned with going bald ~ So Be Concerned! ~ Do The Right Thing or Quit Complaining.

When I was a young man I had all of the scalp problems around 14 years old.  I was paranoid I would go bald before I had a chance to date the girls.  One side of my family was predominantly bald.  It was scary, so I searched out a "Solution to my Problem in 1945!"   The following was recommended to me and I still feel it is good advice for all men who don't want to go bald:

A. Get you hair cut short ~ let the air to your scalp.  Oxygen is needed for good cell reproduction.

B. Don't use greasy, thick styling products ~ they create blocked pores, acne and dandruff. (always wash off with Unicure)

C. Quit wearing hats! ~ It suffocates the pores from breathing properly and pulls out hairs (If you are going to wear hats then ~ Always massage scalp with Unicure nightly to feed roots and promote hair growth)


1. Use Unicure daily, no shampoo necessary, massage well into scalp and leave it in (bed time is a good time) other times rinse it out. It relaxes the pores and feeds the roots so that the hair can grow from within.  Leave the conditioner in to add body, blow dry to style.

2. Stimulate your scalp by massaging the Unicure into your scalp for a minute or two. Work this regimen into your schedule so that it does not become a burden, quitting won’t help your problem. Unicure helps cleanse and disinfect the scalp of all pore blocking debris and bacteria.  The scalp will breathe properly and the hair follicles can produce naturally (be fed by accepting moisture, oxygen and protein to grow from within). A little story I used to tell while lecturing students on avoiding baldness ~ "going bald means many new hang ups who needs them."  I believe when the root is dead, it’s dead, but when it’s alive there is still hope. Start early with the regimen.

Simple Explanation: If you sod a new lawn and ignore it over a period of time, it will die. If you water, nourish and take care of it the grass will be green and growing healthy. Grass and hair have similarities ~ Now! Think Positive and don’t think Laziness and Negative (poor me). Try and keep your hair and your mind healthy! ~ It’s a long life ahead of you, don’t be without either! Think ~ If you cover your mouth and nose you have approximately 90 seconds to correct it or you are dead. If pores are blocked, oxygen and moisture can't reach the root to feed it and promote growth thus the hair dies!

Expensive medical "cures" claims to enhance hair growth by cleaning and feeding roots. "Mr. Unicure" has been promoting these same claims for over 20 years. If you have read any clinical reports on baldness every report will claim the same type of results. If you start treatment in the early stages of baldness the results are much greater than if you are at a later stage of baldness. The question is do you want to use expensive drugs and treatments that can have serious side effects and that may have the same result as using Unicure, the natural treatment.  Unicure has been known to grow hair! Use it! ~ You have nothing to lose ... everything to gain.   You get to keep your hair!  If you do use a medical "topical" treatment or have transplants use Unicure first to help improve the performance and results. TRY IT ~ YOU'LL LIKE IT ~ IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!

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Baldness can be caused by 3 things: (1) Heredity, (2) Carelessness, (3) Environment......

Unicure acts as a supplement helping care for ..... "2 out of 3."

1. Heredity: Something is lacking. Don’t forget about it or just accept it. Get a supplement. Try Unicure.   "Hey Dad, I love you but I don't want to be bald like you!"  Unicure is "Preventative Medicine" ~ Take advantage of it ~ Make it work for you!  Don't just accept going bald ~ blaming heredity, that's negative and costly!  You have a problem, we are offering you the solution .... You're Welcome.

2. Carelessness and Laziness: These can create problems. Don’t let baldness get the better of you because you will pay eventually! This could be expensive. Just look at the costs of implants. Come on Dad's take care of your sons. Educate. Get him started on the natural Unicure treatment, no side effects. Give him a chance to keep his hair and LOOK GOOD & BUILD CONFIDENCE!  Get them started as young as possible ~ "THE DAY THEY ARE BORN"  but get them started ... it is an inexpensive treatment!

3. Environment:   Diet, pollution and stress can all adversely contribute to hair loss.  Use Unicure to cleanse your scalp and keep your hair alive and healthy. Now relax. Do your whole body with Unicure ~ It cleanses while making your skin feel like velvet ....

REMEMBER ..... You Look Good ..... You Feel Good ..... You Are Good ~ So Be Confident .....That Attracts ...... The Ladies!!!!!!  ~  Even if it is ~ "Only to Put You Down" ~ At Least You Got Their Attention! ~ Your Move ~ Make It A Good One!


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